Executive Training

As a manager, you are constantly under observation: by your employees, by your superiors, in your private life. But in the rarest cases the result of these observations is also communicated to you. For this reason alone, I offer leadership trainings in group formats. Because – such a group has the invaluable advantage of sharing mutual observations in a protected space, and thereby recognizing what one often does not see in oneself. In addition, participants discover that they are not alone with their own issues and that there are others who have similar issues to their own. This usually leads to a great relief and relaxation and often results in the willingness to develop and experience something new.

The leadership trainings, which have been offered by me for many years under the brand “teta seminar“, rely on self-involvement. Here, no trainer stands at the lectern and lectures, but the participants go through a process together and individually, gain self-knowledge. In the first phase of the seminar, the focus is on recognizing one’s own thought patterns and attitudes and becoming aware of which attitudes and viewpoints one has internalized. The second phase serves to check whether all these things are goal-oriented, i.e. whether they actually help to approach one’s own goals. There is explicit and constant opportunity for testing and direct experience of the results, be it in short lectures, group work, small presentations or field exercises – everything happens in interaction, among and with each other.

In the two basic seminars offered teta 1 and teta 2 we dedicate ourselves to exactly this path between attitudes and consciousness, in teta 1 the mentioned basics are worked out and in the seminar teta 2 building on it the methods are refined.