Executive Training

The success of an organization depends on the effectiveness of it’s leaders. In our highly competitive and complex world, challenging goals and ever-increasing performance pressures demand of leaders the ability to first and foremost lead themselves.

Advanced-thinking organizations have observed the cumulative effects that people with a winning mindset and high levels of self-awareness have on the organization.

»Self-Directed Intelligence« is rapidly becoming one of the key behavioral attributes considered essential for leaders to positively impact and maintain performance excellence, organizational wellbeing and growth.

Strong Self-Driven Leadership means focused commitment to:

  • Unconditional accountability
  • A mindset anchored in self-motivation and results oriented action
  • Communication that is founded on clarity, authenticity & commitment
  • Thoughtful risk-taking and cause-and-effect awareness
  • Awareness of positive intelligence and emotional balance
  • Resilience and perspective in high-pressure, high-stakes situations
  • An open and clear mind when dealing with change and the unexpected

Typical Questions

Competency: Leadership

  • “How can we grow a culture in which each leader courageously assumes full responsibility for their area of work, even when faced with adversity and opposition?”
  • “What is the best way to help our people embrace and deal with change? How can we integrate change resilience into our organizational learning plan?”
  • “How can we mobilize employees to voluntarily go the extra mile for the success of the entire organization?”
  • “What is the most effective way to nurture and protect the health and wellbeing of our employees in times of performance pressure and stress?”

In the two basic seminars offered teta 1 and teta 2 we dedicate ourselves to exactly this path between attitudes and consciousness, in teta 1 the mentioned basics are worked out and in the seminar teta 2 building on it the methods are refined.