teta 5: next generation

Young people today have to make decisions early on – whether at school, at university or when starting their professional careers. It is often difficult for them in particular to find the right path: Should I study or do an apprenticeship? Is this degree enough? What challenges will I have to face in the future? 

teta next generation supports these decisions. Together – without the often disturbing influence of the “old hands” who seem to know so much better – the tried and tested teta concept is used to look for signposts for the next generation. It creates clarity in decision-making and has the goal of learning exactly those techniques that help to orient oneself. And just as the acquisition of the driver’s license often marks the beginning of adult life, the teta 5 seminar helps to acquire the skills to find one’s way in the maze of roads in life, always on the basis of one’s own attitudes and awareness.