Sports Coaching is the art of developing your potential beyond the scope of training.


The attitude of a leaders influences their behaviour and success.


Leading starts with leading yourself, this is the credo of the teta-seminar-programme.


A nutritional diet, exercise and relaxation lead to healthy and powerful living.


My seminars for executives and their personal development have been offered under the umbrella brand „teta“ since 1993. For 25 years hundreds of participants have walked the different steps of the „teta“ and completed this cycle, they have developed during and after the seminars and inspired each other. What „teta“ means and what is offered in each type of seminar, you will find out here:

teta1-seminar: attitude and awareness

Stuck states make people feel imprisoned and mentally blocked. The teta 1-seminar is about the awareness and consciousness for mental blocks to discover each of their individual potential.

teta 2-seminar: red line

Overcoming limitations is hard for everybody. The teta 2-seminar is a special format, a mix of group setting and individual coaching, that deals with overcoming individual »red lines«.

teta3-seminar: energy

How can I look after my own resources, when work and private life demand much of myself? Teta-3 deals with health, nutrition, relaxation and their effects on leadership and success.

teta 4-personal coaching: vigour

Discovering individual strengths through direct one-to-one contact: teta 4 is a holistic approach to solve mental and body-related blocks when working intensively with the coach.

teta5-seminar: next generation

The teta-seminar for young people: Making decisions at school, in the job or privately. The teta 5-seminar helps to become oriented at the crucial crossroads of life.

teta6-seminar: refresh

More information
on teta 6:
refresh to follow soon


What seminar and coaching participants say:

»With Teta

Michael Krebbers

Member of the Board of Management at
HDI Deutschland Bancassurance (Targo LV AG, Postbank LV AG and neue leben LV AG)

»The mental training is very important. The top level is about a lot of pressure. We talk about all the topics. Jürgen Lohr also takes away my fear of losing, for example.«

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum

Multiple European champion and bronze medalist Olympic 2016 in Rio de Janeiro in show jumping

»The experiences I had in Jürgen Lohr’s teta seminar were not only experiences for space, but for life
with people in general. For that I am grateful.«

Gerhard Thiele

Astronaut and mission specialist on the STS-99 mission of NASA’s space shuttle »Endeavour«.