Sports Coaching

Sport is not just a nice side thing for everyone, but is for some people also profession. To perform at the highest level is a fundamental requirement for professional athletes – especially when, despite hard work in daily training, it does not go completely “round”. Often one hears then in reports about top athletes the term “mental fitness”, which leads to the one, the special performance – to achieve this is the task of Sports Coaching, as I practice it. 

Sports coaching can mean working on concentration: Finding the right mindset for that one moment that matters. Or even getting back into the right “flow” after a long break following an injury, re-motivating yourself. And for some exceptional athletes, it is not always easy to bring their special abilities and talents into a team sport in such a way that the best possible team performance is achieved.

Through my therapeutic training and my long experience, I have a wealth of intervention methods at my disposal to prevent or limit such performance inhibitions. Purely mental work with exercises to increase concentration can lead to exceptional sporting success, as can the mental clarification of certain movement sequences that have become ingrained in conventional training.

When overcoming traumatic experiences due to injuries or accidents, assistance is often necessary, which then leads to a faster deployment after longer breaks in training or competition. And also top athletes must bring family and occupation in agreement, thereby a Sportcoaching can help likewise further.