teta 2: red line coaching

The teta 2 red line format, which I developed together with the well-known sports psychologist Frank Weiland, breaks new ground in implementation. For this seminar, we have succeeded in incorporating intensive individual coaching sessions into a seminar format. This means that each participant in the coaching group takes part in at least three accompanied individual sessions – this format is unique in the European seminar offering.

teta 2 red line coaching leads to the limits of one’s own behavior – everyone knows such “red lines” that they don’t like to cross: fear of flying, presentation anxiety, nicotine addiction, fear of talking to superiors or similar inner conflicts. All of these are blockades, things that one wants to avoid or is reluctant to tackle.

After an introduction to the current findings of brain research and neuroscience, we address the personal issues in the individual coaching sessions, between these we always check together whether the measures developed there have already led to success. Once this “backpack” of unfinished actions and topics is emptied, this also eliminates the pent-up avoidance strategies.

teta 2 red line coaching is a pre-therapeutic seminar offer, which takes care of such individual topics without having to accept the effort of a conventional therapy. We recommend participation especially to those who have already perceived the teta 1 seminar and are thus familiar with the methods of the teta offer. And at the end, as always, is the goal: Only the removal of blockages leads to relaxation, which releases new forces in all areas, whether professional or private.