teta 1: Attitude and Consciousness

Many people believe that they perform successfully and actively only under extreme tension. Many years ago a participant was intrigued to find out that s/he could release the tension and at the same time feel active and motivated. »Totally relaxed and totally active occurring simultaneously«, this state coined the artificial word »teta«, which stands for a series of seminars for personal development that I lead. 

The teta 1-seminar is about the awareness and consciousness for particular problems in your professional or private life – including stuck states and the impressions not being able to solve them alone.

We are looking for causes of such phenomena in teta 1: Which thinking patterns drive me? What influences my decision-making processes? What hinders me?

By becoming aware of and experiencing these problems participants recognize new perspectives, that are then integrated in their personal development and conscious awareness.

After attending this seminar it is easier to deal with these teta 1-Seminar.