teta 4: Vigour

teta 4 is the individual concept of the teta series. Here, unlike in the inevitably more general group work in the teta seminars 1-3, the very individual situation and constitution of the counterpart is dealt with intensively in one-on-one conversations. Different techniques such as “Wingwaving” or elements from the hypnotherapy go thereby far beyond a “normal” Coaching, the Coach becomes here the personal companion with the accomplishment of blockades and helps to the realization of the own strength. teta 4 is a pre-therapeutic offer, for tasks that have a deep impact on life, but do not yet require a classical therapist.

Like all offers of the teta series, the teta 4 coaching is a holistic concept – because mental issues almost always also settle physically and lead to physical symptoms. The collaboration with body therapist Marlies Lohr complements this approach and also helps to release these mentally caused physical blockages.