teta 3: Energy

Many people are only occupied with their jobs, chronic fatigue syndrome is widespread not only at the managerial level but also in all job-related areas. One of the causes lies in the fact that stressed employees do not spend any time to relax deeply.

Working hours and private life are overwhelmingly busy due to the busy schedule and occurring events. The free time is often also tightly packed and people forget that a healthy diet and exercise play a crucial role to use one´s personal resources better and recognise one´s own limits.

teta 3 deals with developing an awareness for personal health. First this means to know how your body functions and reacts, to learn about your self-healing power in order to feel more comfortable und to become one mind and one body. The goals is to feel healthier und find a balance

Participating in a teta 3-seminar means, as in all my workshops, to sharpen more your self-awareness than understand cognitively. Therefore, 80% of the Energy-Seminar takes place outdoors to experience stimuli directly. The pulse quickens when climbing a mountain and this is how we learn to balance our physiology in order to stay within our personal potential