teta 3: Energy

The teta 3 seminar “energy” takes place over a period of 6 weeks and is offered mostly online.

The seminar participants decide for themselves to walk the path of mastery in terms of “inner leadership”, confronting and integrating everything that seems problematic to them in their professional and private environment. In the deep understanding of the complex interplay of fears, feelings, emotional memory, thoughts, attitudes, postures and physical symptoms lies the realization of one’s own strength. Different techniques such as “Wingwaving” or “EMDR” and elements from hypnotherapy are used and go far beyond conventional coaching.

The participants go deep, push the limits of the mind and exceed them at crucial points, being fully aware that on the other side there is a sustainable self-determined, self-chosen life. This process releases undreamt-of energies. It creates a space in which we consistently lead ourselves benevolently, in order to be able to take other people along even better.

During the 6 weeks of the teta 3 seminar there are regular 1:1 calls (1-3 calls/week), which are arranged individually depending on the time availability of the participants. Once per week there is also a jour fixe in the group of current seminar participants. The group is guided. The “wingwaving” and hypnotherapy sessions can take place online as well as in Hamburg.