Health Coaching

Most nutritionists and life coaches give instructions for action and create rules, which are then followed more or less sustainably – for me, however, health coaching does not mean answering questions about better nutrition and new relaxation methods or giving sports tips – such things are on the Internet these days. 

My Health Coaching seminar “teta 3: Energy” is specifically designed for those interested in sustainable change on health and nutrition topics. For participants, this means first and foremost achieving a change in attitude, understanding what a change in their lifestyle means for personal development. The main point here is to find a balance between work and relaxation, understanding how important active regeneration is for health. Nutrition plays a major role in this. 

Health coaching in the seminar “teta 3: Energy” means knowledge transfer and not prescription – we do mental training, so that you as a participant can also independently and in the future implement what you have learned in the seminar. This works mainly through the autosuggestion techniques developed there. And we create moments of experience together, in which each participant understands what a change in his habits brings about – here it then often becomes clear: I will continue to do this, this is good for me, here I recognize my development potentials.