Management Coaching

Nowadays, leadership means more and more helping employees to solve their respective tasks optimally and on their own initiative. Modern leaders provide guidelines and orientation and point out development opportunities. 

Instead of rigid order and fulfillment structures, work is often done on joint solutions to company-specific problems. However, this freer management principle places special demands on the individual in his or her respective management position – more responsibility must be assumed and contact with employees becomes more intensive.

A leadership coaching helps with this not always easy task, it supports to find one’s own ideas of “leadership” and to understand to implement these ideas. Because what is a “good” leadership style, we usually know best ourselves. 

Coaching usually promotes the ability to communicate directly with employees, to stay in dialogue and to pull together. It encourages to respond to employees, to understand his situation between job, families and self-discovery.

The tasks in the respective management coaching are individual, it can be both about the difficulty of making the right decision, as well as finding the courage to climb the next rung of the career ladder. Or – how do I learn to simply say “no” for once. Finding the right “work-life balance” is also often an important issue. How do I deal with too much “workload”, how can I delegate better or simply how do I find more time with the family – we identify all these goals together in my executive coaching sessions.